Questions on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How are statistics calculated?

Our tracker records the movements of the leg thanks to an integrated accelerometer.

Then, our Artificial Intelligence translates them into football actions: movements, passes, shots, dribbles.

Here are some details on some of the statistics:

Physical statistics

Distancetotal distance covered during the activity time, by walking, running or dribbling (in km).

Sprint: number of runs where for two seconds in a row the player's speed is at least 30% higher than his average speed.

Sprint distance: distance covered during all the sprints (in km).

Average sprint: average of the average max speed over 2s of each sprint of all the sprints (in km/h). 

Maximum speed: average of the average max speed over 2s of the 5 best sprints (in km/h).  

Balls played

Shot: Number of long balls, i.e. shots, crosses, set-pieces, taken during the session.

Average shot speedaverage speed calculated on all detected shots (in km/h).

Maximum shot speed: estimated speed of the most powerful shot detected (in km/h).

Pass: number of passes made during the session.

Dribbling: number of times the ball is kept by the player for more than 0.5s.

Possession: time spent dribbling (in min' s"). 

How do you make the difference between shots and long passes?

Our tracker has been trained through tens of thousands of hours of videos to differentiate these two movements.

How is the star rating calculated?

The star rating is based on players of the same gender (= boy or girl), age group and position as you. We look at their stats (number of passes, dribbles, sprint speed, etc.) and then we compare your stats to all these other players. This allows us to situate your performance in each area and to calculate an average that we bring back on 5.

How are the ranking points calculated?

The more you use the tracker, the more points you earn. For more information, please refer to the game rules on the app.

My stats are not the same since I downloaded the new version of the mobile app. Is there something wrong?

To establish the championship, we modified our way of calculating the points, here is a summary (available in the profile view on the application) :



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