Questions on the Footbar tracker

What is the Footbar tracker?

The tracker is heavy of 9 grams and of thikc of 8 mm. It generates footballers' statistics according to a dozen criteria through an accelerometer coupled with artificial intelligence (AI).

What's the difference with a GPS? 

A GPS recognizes your location. Our tracker will understand the body movements without knowing the position. It recognizes all the movements of the football player. The two are perfectly complementary.

Does the tracker disturb while playing?

Definitely not ! Super light, thin and small, the tracker is placed at the level of the calf, under your sock. It doesn't interfere with the player's movements at all. It is so light, that players forget they are wearing it.

The strap is very comfortable as well as approved by many players!

Can I wear my tracker somewhere else than my calf?

No, bad idea. Our Artificial Intelligence is being developed based with tracker attached at the "top of the hitting calf" position. 

Does the Footbar tracker take into account the data from my weak leg?

We advise you to wear the tracker on your strong leg because that's where you'll get better statistics. However you are free to compare the 2 legs and analyze the differences.

Our artificial intelligence is not yet able to detect passes and shots which are done by the leg which does not wear the tracker. 

Can I use my tracker in an official game? 

As it is hidden under the sock, you are free to use it. However we recommend to ask the referee for approval. Today, the players of the Luxembourg pro team are wearing our tracker and some clubs are using it during official games. 

I charge my tracker with my computer but I have the feeling that it's not working, what should I do?

It is recommended to use a computer for charging. You know your tracker is fully charged when its light does not light up and remains stable.

Indeed, when the tracker charges on the computer you must see the light of the tracker flashing slowly. If you don't see this light blinking, try with another cable or with another USB entry.

If the issue is not fixed, please send an email ( to our support team and describe us your problem. 

Do I have to keep the phone next to me when I'm playing? 

No, once the tracker is turned on, the application can be closed and the phone put away. The bluetooth is only used to turn the tracker on and off, and then to download the data at the end of your game or training session.

What is the maximum distance between the phone and the tracker? 

For the distance to Meteor, there are 2 different things to keep in mind: 

  • To connect to the tracker (to turn it on, turn it off or download its data), you have to be close to the tracker at about 5 meters. 
  • However, once the tracker is turned on, you can disconnect from the phone and it works in "autonomy". You will just have to reconnect after your session to turn it off and then download the data.

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