How to use the Footbar tracker :


Check list when I receive my Footbar tracker

1. Unpack and check that everything is there: a tracker, a strap and a USB adapter.

 2. Download the Footbar app on your smartphone:


 3. Once app is downloaded, create your account


Good to know :

  • Charge the tracker using a USB adapter.
  • Required percentage of loading battery to play for 2 hours : about 40%.
  • Maximum autonomy : 5 hours (when battery is fully loaded).
  • Average charging time: 30 minutes.
  • Autonomy if non active : about 3 days.

Always remember to check that your tracker is fully charged before playing ! 

Using Footbar

Which criteria are measured by Footbar tracker ? 

All our criteria enable our AI to recognize your playing style ! Here are some explanations :

Technical statistics : 

  • Shots: number of shots recorded which include hits, crosses and clearances.                                           
  • Max shot: speed of your most powerful shot in km/h.
  • Passes: number of passes.
  • Dribbling: number of times you got the ball for more than 0.5 seconds without passing or shooting. 
  • Average shot: average speed of all your recorded shots.
  • Possession: time in seconds during which you had ball on your foot.

Physical statistics :

  • Distance: total covered distance in kilometers.
  • Activity: percentage of running time.
  • Max sprint: average recorded speed during the 5 fastest sprints.
  • Race: total of running time.
  • Sprints: number of accelerations at a speed at least 30% faster than your average speed.
  • Average sprint: average speed of the sprints.


How to turn tracker on 

There are 2 steps :

  • Make sure to activate Bluetooth in your mobile. Then tracker will appear under his name (ex: Modric's meteor), click on it. Mobile and tracker are now connected. 
  • To turn tracker on, click on the big white button on the home screen which turn into green. The words "Your tracker is on" and "You can go play" will appear.


When on, Footbar tracker flashes rapidly. Remember to check this before playing!

From the moment your tracker is on, it will disconnect from the phone due to the distance. Don't worry, this does not affect the calculation of your data.

My is session is over, how to get my stats ? 

There are 3 steps :

  • First of all, make sure you have a working internet connection.
  • Click on your tracker, then turn off the tracker by pressing the big green button once more to turn it back to white.
  • Then press "Download". You have to keep the bluetooth connection active until full download is complete.

A message saying that coach is analyzing your game will pop up.

Wait a few moments and when you receive a notification that your data is uploaded, click on "Ok".