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This tracker was designed to revolutionise the football experience. Thanks to the sensor, you can analyse your match and track your performance on your phone! Assess your performance according to a dozen criteria and compare yourself with the pros!

Compatible with football 5, 7 and 11 a-side and also futsal and street football, Footbar adapts to all formats of the game. Light and none intrusive, it quitly records your sessions in details.

The pack includes :

- the Footbar tracker

- an elastic strap to place around your calf

- a USB adapter to recharge the battery.

The Footbar tracker comes with a one-year warranty.

Parameter measurement

Number of passes/shots, strike power, running distance and speed, etc...


Compatible with 11-a-side and 5-a-side football, futsal, training, and running.


Ultra lightweight (9g) and thin, the sensor is placed at the striking calf.


Sensor connects to the Footbar app via Bluetooth.

Ease of use

Easy to use thanks to the simple, intuitive mobile app.


Up to 6 hours battery life, rechargeable on your PC with provided USB adapter.


The Footbar sensor detects and records leg movements using an accelerometer. Next, its artificial intelligence gets to work. It understands what you're doing on the pitch and translates that into raw data: number of kilometres run, number of short or long passes. Based on your performance and the challenges you've accomplished, it will give you scores for dribbling, physique, passing, defence, speed, and shooting.
No need to have your phone on you!

Distance travelled, real play time, number of short passes, number of long passes, striking speed, distribution of runs, and even sprint speed - the Footbar sensor assesses performance based on a dozen criteria. This analysis highlights your style of play and even allows you to compare yourself to professional players!

Compatible with all types of football, our sensor can be used for recreation or competition: 11-a-side, 5-a-side, futsal, training sessions, short matches... Ultra lightweight (9g), thin (11mm thick), and small (37mm diameter), it is placed at the top of your striking calf, above or below the sock, with no discomfort during play.

The pack contains the Footbar sensor, a fabric strap for attaching it around your calf, and a USB adapter for recharging the battery.

Our sensor is compatible with iOS version 12.0 and up, and Android version 5.1 and up. You'll need to download the latest Footbar mobile app and activate Bluetooth and wireless service in order to access all the features of the mobile app.

1 year