user guide

Where do I go to see my stats ?

Simply go to your "Profile" view and then click on "Activity" on the top left to access to all your sessions.

My phone displays several trackers all called "METEOR", what should I do ?

It may happen when your phone is in the same zone of several other trackers. In this case, you just have to isolate yourself - about 5 to 10 m away from other trackers.

What to do if the app does not detect my tracker when I try to turn it on ? 

Either you are not close enough to your tracker or you may have run out of battery. 

Check the following points :

  • Bluetooth is on.
  • Put your tracker to charge on a computer with the USB port provided in your packaging.
  • Checks that the tracker is flashing when plugged in.
  • Don't hesitate to test with another cable if needed.

If your problem is still not solved, send an email to our support team ( and describe us your problem. 

My tracker is "disconnected". Is this normal ?

Your tracker does not need to be connected to your phone while playing. It just needs to be turned on. After the session, you have to reconnect your tracker to your phone, turn it off and download the data. 

My tracker shows it has no more memory, what should I do ?

Make sure you have downloaded all previous sessions. If tracker still shows a memory issue, it just maybe a display issue. Play as if normal and check if tracker still registers correctly your session. If not, please contact the support team :

I have no battery / mobile data / I forgot my phone, can I still use my tracker ?

Yes, it is possible. Your Footbar stats can be downloaded whatever the device. You just need to log in to your Footbar account when downloading.

I played 90 minutes but the tracker only shows me 75 minutes, how is this possible ?

Period of inactivity such as seating on the bench or playing as goalkeeper, are removed from the session to avoid to distort your statistics.

Can I change any outputs detected during my session on the mobile app ? 

Click on the icon on the top right and then on "Edit". You can then modify some of the inputs detected by our AI : your detected position, the game format (training, 11-a-side football or 5-a-side football), starting and ending time.

How can I interpret the stats that appear on my "Profile" view ? 

On the profile view there are several pieces of information that are important to know!

First of all, you have all your statistics accumulated over the current season and just below the distance you have covered per month and finally there is the evolution of your profile.

For the bottom view with the detail of the statistics, it corresponds to the evolution of your profile over your sessions and there are several things to analyze:

  • The figures on the right represent the score you have on each statistic at the moment. 
  • However, you have the possibility to increase each of your stats by reaching the different levels. The levels to be reached are written in white just to the left of your overall score. 
  • Finally, the orange progress bar shows how far you have to go to reach the maximum score of 99.